Male Slave Dominated By Mistress Olga

May 3rd, 2008

Femdom Reality

By day Jake is a partner at a prestigious law firm down town. His coworkers would be shocked if they found what he did at night. Jake enjoys the services of Mistress Olga on almost nightly basis. Mistress Olga looks gentle and maybe even sweet at first glance, but she’s one of the best female dominatrix’s out there. Her clients include bank presidents, stock brokers and even a couple of politicians.

Why are all of these men so attracted to Mistress Olga? It’s because this female dominatrix really knows how to punish and inflict pain on her male slaves. Today, she has Jake dressed up in a humiliating leather thong and forces him to kiss her feet. When he doesn’t do a good enough job she strikes him with her whip until his backside turns a bright red. He should know better, this isn’t hist first time and his punishment starts to escalate.

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