Gay Teacher

May 5th, 2008

Gay Lessons

These two twinks are getting a very hands on lesson from their older gay friend today. He’s more than willing to teach these inexperienced teens all the finer points of making love to another man.

Using his own cock as a teaching prop he has both of the boys give him oral sex. He tells them what they’re doing wrong and rewards them when they’re doing right. The next part of their lesson is anal fucking. He takes each boy to the side and has them bend over. He puts fingers there ass with lube, then replaces the fingers with his hard cock. He’s gentle at first, but it’s not long before he’s fucking them at full-speed. Once they passed this test, he went them go on their own and fuck each other, with him supervising of course.

Meet all of the horny twinks and their experienced teachers at Gay Lessons.

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