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BBW Mom Gets Used By Two Men

June 30th, 2008

Plump Mom Gets DPed

She probably seems like your pretty average forty-something mom. She’s gained some weight, has a husband that doesn’t pay any attention to her and a job that she hates. Today, she decided to skip work and find someone to take care of sexual needs. It wasn’t long before she found two much younger studs that were more than willing to fuck this BBW. Take a look at these video clips of her getting used.

This mom used to be pretty wild when she was younger, but even then she never did anything like this. This is her first threesome and she’s having so much fun that I don’t think it will be her last threesome either. She gets so turned on when they use her like a whore with one cock pounding her pussy and another stuffed into her mouth. She hasn’t had this much fun since before she was married.

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Cock Loving MILF Slut

June 29th, 2008

MILF Wishes

Alexis has always been a bit of a nympho but she’s tried to settle down and control her wild sexual urges. She’s married now, but today while her hubby is at work and the kids are at school, she heads down to local park to see if she can find the guys that were hitting on her yesterday. She tried to be good, but 24 hours later, she was inviting them to come back to her place.

As soon as they got back to her house she had them all strip out of their clothes and show her their cocks. She was very impressed with what these studs had to offer. She joined them on the couch and gave them each a blowjob to warm them up. She was getting so turned out that she demanded that they start to fuck her. She had one cock in her mouth and one cock in her mature pussy. They gave this milf one fucking that she’ll never forget!

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Mature Amateur In Action

June 28th, 2008

Mature Debutants

Meet Kitty, she answered a help wanted ad in the local newspaper. She had no idea what the job was, but it offered big money to any female with experience. She was a little shocked when she found out that she was trying out for a role in a porn video, but she needed the money and it turns out this former school teacher isn’t as sweet and innocent as she looks.

Check out these photos and video clips of this milf in action. They weren’t even five minutes into the interview when this milf started to strip out of her clothes. She got on her knees and started to suck the interviewers cock. Ten minutes into the interview, she was getting fucked on the casting couch. I loved hearing her moan and say that she hand’t been fucked that hard in years. I definitely have a feeling she’ll be getting the job.

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Older Slut Teaching How To Give Head

June 27th, 2008

Mom Teaches Younger Slut

Eighteen year old, Michelle had been complaining to her older next door neighbor, a woman named Dorthy that she was worried that she wasn’t satisfying her boyfriend in bed. She wasn’t the most experienced lover and asked Dorthy for some tips. Dorthy may be getting up their in years, but with age definitely comes experience and this mature redhead slut has been around the block more than a few times. Dorthy was more than willing to help Michelle out. She wouldn’t just tell her what to do, she was willing to give Michelle a hands on lesson with her boyfriend.

The next morning, Michelle wanted to wake up her boyfriend with a blowjob. Dorthy had Michelle start on her own, but since the mature teacher was giving her instructions on how to improve what she was doing. She even joined in, to show her exactly how to give a blowjob. Michelle’s boyfriend loved all the attention and when Dorthy wanted to be fucked too, he was more than willing to give her the cock that she needed.

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Capture Toon Babe

June 26th, 2008

Lust Comics

Today’s comic has everything from steamy lesbian action to hardcore bondage featuring masked men fucking a beautiful and very busty toon slut. Click here to see the x-rated comic gallery. They’ve decided to share some of the hottest parts of this comic with you!

The busty blonde babe was captured and charged as a spy. They want to get some key information out of her, but she refuses to tell them anything. They resort to using some forms of torture that look more like bondage to me. She’s tied down and put through the gauntlet by men and women. Along the way the men take turns fucking her. The women captors have a different approach, they try to get the information out of her by overwhelming her with pleasure. It’s all a very interesting comic, to say the least!

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Raylene Richards Showing Her Boobs

June 25th, 2008

Raylene Richards

Meet Raylene Richards. This porn star might own the most perfect set of boobs I’ve ever seen. And that’s really saying something because I’ve seen more than my fair share of tits. She has an amazing figure with all the right curves and I can’t stop staring at her boobs! Check out these photos Raylene Richards showing off her boobs.

For this photo shoot, Raylene was wearing in just a red lace bra and matching thong. She almost looks like the girl next door, but when she takes off her bra you really get to see just how amazing her boobs are. They have the perfect shape. They’re not too big and they’re definitely not too small. They’re naturally perky and I can only imagine how good they would feel in my hands or better yet with my hard cock sliding between them!

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Hardcore Hentai

June 24th, 2008

Hentai Mania

Check out today’s featured gallery from a site called Hentai Maina. This scene is packed with lots of great hardcore action. We get to see a very busty babe taking an unbelievably huge cock deep inside of her. She can’t believe how good it feels penetrating deep inside of her. But to really enjoy this gallery, you’ll have to visit Hentai Mania and learn about the whole story line. It really makes this scene even hotter.

Hentai Mania is the hottest hentai porn site that I’ve come across yet. I’m still new to the whole hentai niche but I’m really enjoying getting to know to the horny characters from comics like Sailor Moon, Dragonball, Vandread, Ranma, Pygmalion. I love watching these hentai celebrities getting hardcore in some of the most x-rated hardcore comics and cartoons that I’ve ever seen on the internet.

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Gay Lessons 101

June 23rd, 2008

Gay Lessons

In some ways, the classes at Gay Lessons are a lot like what you can find at any other school. There’s a teacher and there’s the students. It just happens that this teacher is a mature gay stud that loves to share his expertise with younger twinks that are eager to learn. His lessons are very hands on and if needed, he’ll jump right in to make sure everything gets done right.

Check out these photos from today’s lesson. The first part of this lesson is focused blowjobs. He starts the boys off by having them suck his cock. It’s the best way to see how they’re doing so far. He even helps them out a little by showing off some of his own cock sucking skills. The second part of today’s lesson is anal sex. First, the teacher shows how to penetrate a tight ass the proper way. Then he watches his students try it out on each other!

Start your education at Gay Lessons today! It’s never to late to start learning.

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Naughty Gay Comic

June 22nd, 2008

Gay Cartoon

Well, after posting a straight cartoon the other day, I got some requests for a gay cartoon. Check out this comic from Gay Cartoon. We’ve got some very hot, some very steamy gay 3-D action. I hope you like it, I know I did.

It had been a long time, since these three friends had seen each other. Tom and Brett had fooled around before, and as soon as they got back to the privacy of the apartment. Tom was straight, but he couldn’t resist joining the action. While he was watching Brett give a blowjob, he felt his erection growing inside of his pants. Soon, he wanted his cock inside of Brett’s warm mouth. He’s never received a blowjob from a man before and he couldn’t believe how good it felt. He’s also never fucked another man, but soon he had his cock buried into Brett’s tight ass.

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Straight Man Giving A Blowjob

June 21st, 2008

Straight Man Giving A Blowjob To Another Guy

Dave is a happily married forty year old. He’s straight, but he always had has one deep, dark fantasy. He’s always imagined what it would be like to give a blowjob to another man. He’s even had thoughts about what it would be like to have sex with another man. Tonight, he can’t control his lust anymore. He met Matt online a few days ago and now he’s going over to Matt’s apartment.

As you can see, things got very wild. Check out these photos of the gay action. Things progress rather quickly once Dave arrives at the apartment. Soon, the men make their way back to the bedroom. Dave can’t believe what he’s going to do next, but he has his mouth open wide and takes the cock inside his mouth. For it being his first blowjob, he looks like he knows what he’s doing. He very successfully gets his new friend to cum!

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