Cross Dressing Gays Seduce Older Male Stud

June 2nd, 2008

Studs Fun

This might be one of the wildest gay stories that I’ve heard yet. These two gay boys dressed up as women and put their ad, with a picture in the local newspaper, looking for an older lover to share. In the picture you couldn’t tell that they were actually men dressed in drag. They looked so feminine, that even when they met them in person, they couldn’t tell that it was actually men. Well, that was until they got back home and thing started to get steamy.

When their older male lover discovered that he had just gone home with two men, he was shocked, but too horny to leave now. He couldn’t believe that when he felt between their legs he felt hard cocks, but he was hard himself now and decided to give in to his curiosity. Soon the gay men were stripping out of their clothes and before they were even completely naked they were taking turns sucking on his cock. It was his first blowjob ever from a man, but he was soon growing completely hard too.

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