X-rated Toon Adventure

June 4th, 2008

Toon Adventures

Queen Cleo is the ruler of all Egypt, however she’s sent her husband off to war and he might not be back for many years. The problem is that she’s the type of woman that needs sex every day, twice a day and often more. In this x-rated cartoon, we get to see exactly how the Queen solves this problem. She invites one of her guards into her private chambers. The guard tries to tell her that he can’t, but when she takes his cock into her mouth, he forgets all about his hesitations. And when it’s his turn to pleasure her, he has to fuck her right, leave her completely satisfied or he could be killed.

Click here to see the entire story at Toon Adventures. The toons you can see there aren’t just the type that will make you laugh, these naughty cartoons will also turn you on. Here you can see your secret desires satisfied in ways that you can only imagine with normal porn. If you love x-rated toons, or even if you’re just curious you have to check out Toon Adventures today!

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