Gay Cowboys In Action

June 7th, 2008

Bad Cowboys

It looks like Black Mustang and Billy The Kid are on the prowl again. This duo isn’t your average pair of wild west hooligans. They don’t just rob anyone. They have only one type of person that they’re after. They like their victims to be young, cute and white cowboys. If you haven’t figured it out, Black Mustang and Billy The Kid are gay cowboys and they take more than just the money from their victims.

Check out the video clips from their latest adventure. They were riding around bareback when they spotted this fine looking boy. The victim was shocked – they didn’t just take his cash, but they also made him suck both of their huge cocks. Then they made him take off his pants and both Black Mustang and Billy The Kid took their turns fucking the poor, innocent victim.

See more of their holdups and robberies at Bad Cowboy.

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