Lesbian Friends

June 9th, 2008

Bet On Lesbian Sex

These two teen cuties have been best friends forever, but tonight they became more than just friends. Gina has had a lesbian fantasy involving her best friend for a while now. Tonight, she’s acting on and has a plan to seduce her friend. See what happened when Gina seduced her friend.

As you can see from the picture above these two girls had a very good time. Heather, Gina’s best friend definitely let herself be seduced. It wasn’t long before the two were completely naked. They had been naked in front of each other before, but it was never like this. And they had kissed before, but it was just playing around, this was completely different. This time there kisses were full of passion, full of lust. They couldn’t control themselves anymore. They started pleasuring each other with their hands, their fingers, their tongues and their mouths! It was hot to say the least.

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