Gay Ass To Mouth

June 12th, 2008

Gets Fucked Then Sucks

This black stud met his latest boy toy earlier today, but he’s already brought the cute white boy back his place. After a few drinks, they’re both feeling very horny and ready for something else. That’s when they head back to the bedroom. The twink gets his first look at the black studs cock and he can’t believe how big it is. The cock has to be more than a foot long and it’s thick too. Right now, the twink is thinking that maybe this isn’t such a good idea.

Click here to see the photos of these gay lovers in action. While the white boy is hesitant to take this black dude’s massive cock, he let’s him push the cock deep into his tight white ass. It has to hurt, he’s never taken a cock this big, but he enjoys every second. He really gets his ass fucked. He’s fucked so hard. He’s never been fucked like this before. When his the black guy starts to get close, he tells the white boy to turn around and suck on his cock. The cute barely legal boy gives him a blowjob that makes him feel so good and makes him cum a few minutes later. He fills him up with hot cum.

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