Gay Wedding Night Action

June 14th, 2008

Boys Wedding

The wedding is over for these boys, they’re finally married and now the real fun is getting started. Check out these pictures from the private reception and honeymoon. It started almost as soon as the wedding was over. A few of the boys got together and wearing nothing but robes had a few drinks out on the private deck. It wasn’t long before they were all horny and starting to get naughty. Before you know it, all of the boys were giving or getting handjobs.

That alone was wild, but the party wasn’t over yet. Soon, the boys were in their hotel rooms with their new significant others. There were blowjobs and cock sucking everywhere. What better way to show your love then with oral sex. These boys really know how give oral pleasure and it’s not long before there’s cum everywhere. That’s how these boys like it!

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