Sexy White Males Be Warned

June 15th, 2008

Sexy White Males Be Warned

This cute twink thought he was just going to get a ride, he had no idea that he was getting into the Crazy Gay Bus. At first, they bus was going in the right direction, but soon he realized that they had turned and were going in the wrong direction. This twink wasn’t worried, he was in fact turned on looking at the two beef cakes in the front of the van.

Check these photos and see what happened next. Before they even found a place to park, this cute white boy had one cock in his mouth. As soon as Marcus had found a secluded spot and parked the van, he joined in. the white boy claimed he had never done anything like this before, but by the way he worked both of the cocks, you could tell that this wasn’t his first time giving head, probably not even the first time he gave blowjobs to two guys at once.

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