Smoke Filled Action

June 19th, 2008

Anal Sex With A Tabacco Flavor

Some people like a smoke after sex, this naughty teen likes to smoke during sex. Check out the hardcore photos of this dirty smoker. When the action started, she lit up a cigarette. She gets turned on just from the smell of the cigarette smoke. There’s something about the smell of tobacco burning that gets this teen all hot and bothered.

Soon, she was on her knees, giving her lover a blowjob. But this wasn’t your ordinary blowjob. She’d take the cock deep inside of her mouth, then release a cloud of white smoke all over the cock. It was one of the wildest things, I’ve seen with a cigarette. It didn’t stop their either. Soon, she was getting her pussy fucked, yet she kept her cigarette lit. Even while they were having anal sex, she kept smoking even as he pounded her tight ass.

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