Robot Versus Human Female

June 20th, 2008

Evil Comics

Check out these wild toons from Evil Comics. Today, we’ve got some photos from a wild comic involving some very hot anime babes and some very evil and horny robots. These beautifully drawn women have caught the attention of these alien robots and the women are quickly restrained and probed. It quickly crosses the lines between research and something very x-rated.

I’ve always been a big fan of comics. I just wish I knew about the hardcore comics at Evil Comics a long time ago. They’re definitely a lot more interesting than what you can find inside a normal comic book. Click here to visit Evil Comics.

Evil Comics has the best collection of hardcore comics online. The work is all high quality and stands out in the crowd. Let your imagination run wild today. See things that you could only imagine or fantasize about in the past. Take the free Evil Comics tour today.

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