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June 22nd, 2008

Gay Cartoon

Well, after posting a straight cartoon the other day, I got some requests for a gay cartoon. Check out this comic from Gay Cartoon. We’ve got some very hot, some very steamy gay 3-D action. I hope you like it, I know I did.

It had been a long time, since these three friends had seen each other. Tom and Brett had fooled around before, and as soon as they got back to the privacy of the apartment. Tom was straight, but he couldn’t resist joining the action. While he was watching Brett give a blowjob, he felt his erection growing inside of his pants. Soon, he wanted his cock inside of Brett’s warm mouth. He’s never received a blowjob from a man before and he couldn’t believe how good it felt. He’s also never fucked another man, but soon he had his cock buried into Brett’s tight ass.

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