Capture Toon Babe

June 26th, 2008

Lust Comics

Today’s comic has everything from steamy lesbian action to hardcore bondage featuring masked men fucking a beautiful and very busty toon slut. Click here to see the x-rated comic gallery. They’ve decided to share some of the hottest parts of this comic with you!

The busty blonde babe was captured and charged as a spy. They want to get some key information out of her, but she refuses to tell them anything. They resort to using some forms of torture that look more like bondage to me. She’s tied down and put through the gauntlet by men and women. Along the way the men take turns fucking her. The women captors have a different approach, they try to get the information out of her by overwhelming her with pleasure. It’s all a very interesting comic, to say the least!

See how hot the action gets at Lust Comics. This is just a small sample of what this site offers!

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