Toon Warrior Enjoys The Queens Services

August 14th, 2008

Toon Adventures

I have another x-rated episode from Toon Adventures. This time we have a might warrior that after fighting wars all over the world, he comes home to find his his entire world gone. The kind and queen offer a room for him to stay at and royal treatment. However, I doubt the king or the might warrior thought that this royal treatment was going to include the full services of the queen. Click here to see hardcore scenes from this Toon Adventure.

When the king is gone for a day, the queen finds her way into the warrior’s room in the castle. She wants to find out how he’s doing. It seems that things are kind rough, but the queen knows how to make things a lot better. It’s not long before this queen turns into the royal slut. That’s when she gets on her hands and knees and takes this warriors manhood in her mouth. Soon, he’s giving her a royal fucking and making the queen moan.

This is the type of x-rated adventure that you can only see at Toon Adventures. Click here to see it all!

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