Gay Cowboys Share One Stud

August 20th, 2008

Gay Cowboys Share One Skinny Guy

This poor cowboy was just walking home after a long days of work when Black Mustang and Billy The Kid cornered him out in a field. This unfortunate victim didn’t have anywhere to run and was forced to give him what they wanted. But these two bad cowboys didn’t want his money. They wanted his ass! Take a look at these photos and watch as Mustang and Billy make sure this stud enjoys every second of this armed robbery.

Their victim said that he had never done anything gay before, but these pictures tell a different story. It wasn’t long before this cowboy was giving both of the robbers blowjobs. He definitely knew a thing or two about sucking cock. I’m guessing that during those long, lonely nights out on the range, he didn’t hesitate to use his mouth on his cowboy companions. But this robbery didn’t end with a blowjob. Both Mustang and Billy took turns fucking this guy’s tight ass! When it was all over, he almost didn’t want them to leave!

Forget Broke Back Mountain. Click here to see all of the gay cowboy action!

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