Cute Boy Takes A Ride On The Crazy Gay Bus

August 28th, 2008

Cute Guy Sucking Two Cocks

This cute guy was starting to walk home because his car had broken down. However, when he ran into these two guys in a van, they offered to give him a ride there. They were complete strangers, but it was a pretty far walk so he accepted their offer. As you can guess, things didn’t exact turn out how he though they would. Instead of taking him where he wanted to go, they headed off into an empty and secluded field. See what happens next.

He doesn’t even have a chance to object because before he figures out what is happening, they have their two huge cocks shoved into this mouth. The wildest part is that it looks like this cute guy really likes giving them blowjobs. He tries to say that he’s straight, but the way he sucks cock tells a different story. In the back of the van, they fuck his cute ass too. They leave him covered in cum, then leave him in the field to get home by himself.

Click here to take a ride on the Crazy Gay Bus.

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