Gay Doctor And His Teen Patient

September 4th, 2008

Gay Door And His Teen Patient

This gay cartoon all started when this cute, athletic eighteen year old was going for his daily run. However, halfway through it he fell and hurt his leg. It was so bad that he had to be taken to the hospital to have it looked at. He was afraid that it might be broken, but soon he would forget all about that. This teen hunk had no idea that at this hospital he was going to have his very first gay experience. Check out these wild scenes from this gay cartoons.

It all started when the doctor came to see him, the teen knew that there was something about this doctor that made him different. The doctor just enjoyed touching his leg and feeling his muscles a little too much. But it didn’t stop there, soon the doctor was feeling between his legs and feeling his cock. The teen thought that he was straight but he was liking what this doctor was doing. His cock started to grow and he wondered where this adventure was going to go. He could never let any of his friends find out about it, but he really like the way it felt and when the doctor kissed him, he didn’t stop him.

See what happens next at the Gay Cartoon website.

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