Gay Wedding Night Bliss

October 3rd, 2008

Boys Wedding Night Bliss

The wedding ceremony is over, the reception is finally finished, now these two horny boys can get to what they’ve been wanting to all day. They’re ready to start their wedding night celebration. These boys are both rock hard even before they get into the hotel room. They were planning on taking a steamy shower but they never made it past putting their bathrobes on. They’re soon rolling around the bed, rubbing their erections against each other!

Check out all of these hot photos from this gay wedding night. Fooling around and making out soon turned into something much more intense. Both of these boys wanted to give their first blowjobs as a married couple. They love to suck cock and now that they’re married it’s even more fun! But trust me the action didn’t stop at blowjobs. Soon, these boys were taking turns fucking each other, penetrating each others asses.

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