Pretty Boy Gets More Than Just A Ride

October 7th, 2008

Pretty Boy Taking On Two Cocks

This pretty boy got a lot more than he expected when he took a ride form these two guys. He just wanted a ride to his girlfriend’s house, but it soon became clear that the guys in the front of the van had a different idea. Instead of taking the right that would’ve taken them to his girlfriend’s place, they kept driving straight. It wasn’t long before they were in a remote parking spot in the woods and this pretty boy realized that he was in big trouble.

Check out these photos of this boy’s adventure on the Crazy Gay Bus. It soon became clear that these guys were both gay and wanted to have some fun with this pretty boy. He said he was straight, but he was soon giving both of these gay stud’s blowjobs. He even let them fuck his ass too. He was just a little good at giving blowjobs and too relaxed when they fucked his ass for them to believe that he had never been with another guy before.

See all of the adventures at the Crazy Gay Bus website.

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