Alien Beings Probe Earth Women

October 12th, 2008

Evil Comics

Enjoy these kinky cartoons. As you can see these aren’t your average Saturday morning cartoons. Here you can let you mind wander and see sexual fantasies come true. They mix science fiction with the raunchiest porn that you can imagine. It’s really like nothing that you can see anywhere else. But don’t just take my word for it. Click on the picture or the link above and check out samples from one of the x-rated episodes.

These x-rated comics feature beautiful babes in distress. They’re being taken advantage of by these alien creatures and evil robots. These unidentified objects have abducted beautiful women from all over the world and want to run experiments on them. It’s not long before these women are being probed and penetrated with all sorts of strange objects, bizarre arms and even alien cocks. Some of it drives the women wild with pleasure, others not so much. Either way, it’s nothing like what you can experience on earth. These women will never be the same after this encounter.

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