Loser Faces Gay Punishment

October 14th, 2008

Gay Cartoon

Welcome to gay toon world where your wildest, most explicit fantasies can come true. Today, we have to beginner kung fu students with tight and toned bodies. Today, they’re going through a very intense first day of training. The master tells them that whoever is the strongest and does the best will avoid the hard punishment. They spend the day doing grueling training exercises and learning new fighting techniques. When it’s getting close to the end of the day, the master announces that there will be a fight between them and the winner takes all. Check out these gay cartoons.

It’s an intense fight, but it’s not long before there’s a clear winner and that’s when things start to get very interesting. The loser has his pants literally ripped off and is forced to give blowjobs. He must suck the cock of the winner and the master. It’s her first time sucking cock, but he has to do it. Right out in the open, he takes the first cock in his mouth. He was surprised that he actually enjoyed giving the blowjob. He liked being used like a dirty whore and being forced to give them both head. He liked it even more when they rewarded him for all of his hard work with a mouthful of cum cum.

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