Male Slave Abused By His Mistress

October 17th, 2008

Male Dildo Slave Licks Cum Off Dommes Tits

I have to warn you that this blog post isn’t for everyone. If you’re weak at heart of into plain vanilla porn, skip on to the next post. Today’s featured gallery features a submissive male getting abused by his Mistress. She has him chained in the dungeon in the basement. He’s unable to escape and he has to do whatever she wants. She doesn’t play fair and she definitely doesn’t play nice. Check out these photos from this kinky adventure.

It starts with the Dominatrix whipping his bare ass with her leather whip. You can hear the crack as the leather painfully impacts with his ass. However, it’s about to get a lot worse for his ass. She has a thick rubber dildo and without any lubrication, she forces it into his ass. She fucks him with the dildo overwhelming him with pain and pleasure. When she thinks that he’s been good for long enough, she sucks him off until he cums all over her tits. She then makes him lick it up, cursing him for making such a mess.

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