Gay Stud Swaps Cum With His Boyfriend

October 29th, 2008

Stud Swaps Cum With His Boyfriend

Check out these two hot, horny and very kinky gay studs. Tonight, we get to watch as they have some cum filled fun. Mark invited his boyfriend, Tim over to watch a movie. Hover, they never made it to the movie part of the night. Both of them were way too horny and it wasn’t long before their clothes started coming off. They both have tight, toned bodies and it was a pleasure just to look at them. Check out the photos from this gay fuck fest.

Soon, Mark was giving a blowjob to his boyfriend. It was the kind of blowjob that could’ve even made him cum, but Mark didn’t want Tim to cum just yet. Mark wanted to get fucked first and he climbed on top of Tim’s lap, taking Tim’s rock hard cock deep inside of his ass! Mark rode Tim’s cock until he was ready to explode, then Mark finished him off with his mouth, giving him head until Tim filled his mouth with hot cum. There’s one more part to this adventure – Mark was soon dripping the cum out of his mouth and into Tim’s waiting mouth!

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