Lesbian Teen Seduces Her Friend

November 6th, 2008

Lesbian Seduces Straight Friend

I’ve got a very wild story to share with you tonight. This one features two naughty friends. These two girls are having a competition to see who can have sex with the most women. Until a few weeks ago, they were both straight, but now all they can think about is being with other chicks. To make it even more interesting, they decided that the loser of this bet would have to buy the other girl a car. The stakes are pretty high and these chicks will do just about anything to score with another girl. Check out these video clips from this wild lesbian adventure.

Tonight, Janice, the black haired babe invited one of her friends over. They were supposed to be studying, but it wasn’t long before Janice took out a bottle of liquor and things started to get really steamy. After a few drinks, she was kissing her study partner. A couple more drinks and her clothes were coming off. Janice was soon sucking on her nipples, playing with her boobs. Already, the other girl was starting to moan. You should’ve heard her moan with pleasure as Janice started to lick her. You don’t want to miss any of this action.

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