Misbehaving Sub Punished Painfully

November 21st, 2008

Femdom Cock And Balls Punishment

It seems that Luke knew that things were going to be very interesting and kinky when Mistress Anna brought him down into the ruins, but he didn’t know that it was going to be so painful. The dominatrix had been very unhappy with the performance in the bedroom the past few weeks. It seemed that he was no longer caring about her satisfaction and now she was going to teach him a lesson or two. To make it even worse, he tries to hide in the ruins, but the Mistress soon finds him and now she’s even more mad. Check out these femdom pictures of Luke getting punished.

She used the overgrown vines to tie his arms to the wall so that he wasn’t going anywhere. The punishment started with the whip. Mistress Anna hit him so hard that it left bright red welt marks on his back. He pleaded that he had learned his lesson, but the punishment was just starting. Then using more vines, she painfully wrapped his balls and cock tightly. Luke had never experienced any sort of pain like this before. She gave him a blowjob now, but he was in so much pain he could barely feel it.

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