Great Warrior And A Great Lover

November 24th, 2008

Hentai Mania

Kenjiro has a reputation of a great warrior. He’s fought and won battles all over the world. He also has a reputation of a great lover too. Today, he fought in a great battle against the evil regime and won against their strongest warrior. Now, he’s off to the ruins, a place where he’ll be safe and can relax before his next battle. However, it doesn’t look like he’s allowed to relax long before this princess comes to take care of him. She’s been sent by the king to make sure that he’s taken care of properly. Check out these x-rated toons from this Hentai Mania adventure.

It starts with a back massage, but it’s not long before this warriors weapon between his legs comes to life. It’s by far the largest cock that she’s ever seen and she can’t wait to feel it deep inside of her. She has a petite body with a tight pussy, but she can’t believe how amazing this long sword feel inside of her. He makes her moan as he makes love to her. He makes her scream with pleasure as he pounds her royal pussy. Soon he’s exploding inside of that pussy, there’s so much cum that it comes dripping out of her pussy.

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