Teens Get Lessons From Mature Teacher

November 28th, 2008

Teen Mature Blowjob

18 year old Jackie and her boyfriend have had sex a few times but to tell the truth it’s been unsatisfying for both of them. They decided that they needed someone with more experience to help them out. They hired this blonde mature woman that was old enough to be their mom to give them a few pointers and lessons. She comes from the Mature Lessons program, a site designed to help inexperienced teens become better lovers. Check out these photos from today’s lesson.

The first lesson was giving a blowjob. This redhead teen had sucked cock before, but it had always been awkward for her and unsatisfying for her lover. This woman showed her exactly how to do it as she demonstrated herself by taking the teen’s cock in her mouth and sucking on it. The next lesson was more for him. That’s where the mature teacher instructed him to properly fuck his girlfriend. With a few tips, it wasn’t long before he had his girlfriend moaning loudly. The final exam involved the girlfriend getting a facial. It’s safe to say that with a very messy cumshot this couple passed the first day of lessons.

Class is always in session at Mature Lessons.

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