Drunk Brunette Tries Anal Sex

December 7th, 2008

Drunk Brunette Getting Fucked In The Ass

This drunk brunette isn’t the type of slut that would normally do something like this. Before tonight, she had only had sex with two men. However, that number doubled last night. The alcohol had some pretty serious effects on her and she lost all of her inhibitions. She was really drunk when her guy friends wanted to a play game of “you show me yours, I’ll show you me.” Normally, she would’ve never played a game like this, but it wasn’t long before she was taking off her panties and showing them her tender pussy. She even let one of the guy’s finger her and before you know it she was getting so horny that she started to take off the rest of her clothes.

Check out these photos of this drunk teen getting taken advantage of by her friends. She wanted her pussy fucked, but when they suggested it would be better if they could fuck her tight ass, she agreed. She had never had her ass fucked before, but she was so drunk that she didn’t feel the pain that is generally associated with having anal sex for the first time. All she could feel was the pleasure. Especially as the second friend fucked her with his above average cock.

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