Toon Godess Healing With Sex

December 9th, 2008

Toon Adventures

Check out the latest hardcore adventure from Toon Adventures. This time, we’re taken back to an ancient land. It’s a time when they’re much more open about sex. It’s not taboo and hidden behind closed doors here. It’s celebrated for many reasons. These ancient women have amazing powers in the bedroom, going way beyond the ability to make a man orgasm. These women also have heeling powers. After a great battle, there’s a great demand for them to share their pleasures and these women are more than willing to help where they can.

Take for instance the story of a warrior named David. After the battle, it didn’t look like he had long to live. He couldn’t get out of bed and was barely able to move at all. However, this blonde mistress had the medicine that he needed. Just feeling her lips wrapped around his cock makes him start to feel better. By the time, she’s on top of him, riding his rock hard cock, he’s feeling almost back to normal. Soon, he’s on top, full of energy and pounding her pussy with his rock solid cock. He’s never felt better in his life!

See more at the Toon Adventures website. There you can see all of the adventures and see it all completely uncensored.

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