Traveler Taken Advantage Of By Gay Cowboys

December 15th, 2008

Traveler DPed By Two Gay Cowboys

This man had traveled all the way from France. He was exploring the great west and hoping to write a book about his adventures. However, here’s one adventure he may not want to write about. He had no idea that today he was in the territory of two of the most evil men in the west – Black Mustang and Billy The Kid. These two bad cowboys have a reputation of not just stealing from victims but they also take advantage of them when there’s no one around for miles to save them. Check out these photos from their adventure with the traveler.

When they saw the traveler walking all alone, they knew that this was going to be easy. He didn’t put up any fight and was more than willing to give them what little cash he had on him. However, they wanted more than just his cash – they wanted his ass. It started when they forced the traveler on to his knees. He wasn’t expected what came next. Black Mustang told him to suck on their cocks. He wasn’t gay and never gave a blowjob before, but soon he was sucking on both of their cocks. It didn’t stop there either. They took off his jeans and made him bend over. They both took turns fucking his tight and very sexy ass. The wild part is that it looked like he enjoyed it as much as the guys fucking him.

See lots more at the Bad Cowboys website.

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