Blonde Babe All Tied Up

December 22nd, 2008

Blonde Babe In Bondage

This blonde babe has done a lot of adult modeling, but nothing like this before. She had heard some pretty wild stories about this photographer, but she didn’t believe any of it. She should’ve heeded their warnings. Check out these extremely sexy photos from this bondage fetish shoot. It started out as a normal modeling job for her. She got all dressed up in some sexy latex lingerie and fishnet pantyhose. He had her pose in that sex outfit, teasing the camera. He was real friendly at first, then she started to lose focus and he soon lost his cool.

That’s when he took out the ropes. She wasn’t sure what they were for, but she soon found out. He started wrapping them tightly around her. At times it hurt when he pulled the ropes so tight. However, she started to find herself turned on by being all tied up with ropes. She had never done anything like this before. Soon, she could barely move because of all of the ropes, but she could move enough so that she could get full access to her dripping wet pussy and started to rub herself.

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