Princess Utena And The Ancient Druid

January 5th, 2009

Hentai Mania

Check out these scenes from the latest Hentai Mania adventure. Princess Utena’s village has been captured by unstoppable enemy force. She managed to escape and went searching for the one person that could help her. This ancient druid helped her mother, the Queen years ago fight back an enemy army and now she was going to have to ask him for the same help again. She knew that only his magical powers could defeat the enemy and send them back retreating to their homeland.

However, the druid said that he was to old now and that she would have to find someone else. Utena begged and pleaded for his help, she said that she would do anything if he helped her. The druid was intrigued by the word anything and asked if she really meant it. She nodded her head yes. He pulled his robe apart and exposed her to his massive cock. She was shocked, but willing to do anything, even have sex with this old man to save her kingdom. Not only did she save her kingdom, but she also got a fucking that she’ll never forget.

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