Human Babes With Alien Lovers

January 8th, 2009

Lust Comics

Check out these hardcore toons from the latest Lust Comics adventures. I’ve see cartoons before, but nothing like this. It’s nothing at all like the comics I remember from growing up. These are far more entertaining and provocative to be on Saturday mornings or to be in comic book stores. Lust Comics features human women in action with aliens, monsters and even robots. It’s the kind of thing that fantasies are made of and it all comes to life in these comics.

In today’s x-rated adventures we get to see blonde vixen that has been captured by an unknown race of aliens. But they don’t want to hurt her, they want to shower her with gold and provide her with unearthly sexual pleasures. In another scene, we have a brunette babe in the middle of a threesome with two strange looking monsters, but they provide her with incredible sexual pleasures. But my favorite, is the woman that has been chosen to test out some sort of futuristic vibrator. It’s unlike any vibrator that you can find on earth and causes her to have the most intense orgasms ever.

See it all at Lust Comics

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