Drunk Boys Lose Their Inhibitions

January 18th, 2009

Real Drunken Boys

I’m guessing that these boys had just a little bit too much too drunk, or maybe way too much to drink. Under normal circumstances, neither of these boys would ever do anything like this, however under the influences of a lot of alcohol some pretty wild things are known to happen. Check out these photos from their drunken adventure. It all started when they went out with some friends to the local bar. They stayed their all night until the place closed. But neither of them were ready to end the night just yet.

They ended up going to one of their houses, where there was more whiskey. They were really drunk and really horny. They had lost their inhibitions and the next thing you know these two straight men are kissing. Clothes start coming off and soon one of the boys is giving the other a blowjob. They take turns giving each other head, then one of the boys spreads his ass. He wants to get fucked and his friend is more than willing to fuck him. It’s a first for both of them.

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