Crossdressing Redhead Seduces Straight Guy

January 22nd, 2009

Guy In Sexy Lingerie Ass Fucked

Last night, Nick was at the local bar with a few of his friends. They had a few too many drinks and after midnight, his friends started to head home. However, Nick wasn’t ready to leave yet. He saw a cute redhead checking him out and decided to go over and introduce himself. What he didn’t know and wouldn’t discover until later that this redhead wasn’t a female, it was a male dressed in woman’s clothing. However, he didn’t even notice that – he was too interested in trying to talk her into coming home with him. Nick thought he had hit the jackpot, it didn’t take much talking before they were both headed back to his place.

Check out these steamy and see what happened next. The redhead wasted no time ripping off Nick’s clothes once they got to his apartment. Soon, she was bent over, taking his rock hard cock inside of her sexy mouth. It was easily the best blowjob that he had ever received. But it didn’t stop there. She wanted to be fucked. But that’s when he noticed, that she had a cock. He could clearly see it in her sheer lace panties, but he didn’t care. He slide his cock deep inside of her ass and started to fuck her. He couldn’t believe how good it felt.

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