Two Hard Cowboy Dicks

January 27th, 2009

Two Hard Cowboy Dicks

Check out the latest adventure from Bad Cowboys. It looks like Black Mustang and Billy The Kid are back out again, causing problems everywhere they go. This unlucky farmhand was enjoying his lunch break when Billy and Black Mustang spot him. At first, the boy thought that he was going to be robbed, but these two bad cowboys had some different plans. They don’t steal money from their victims, instead they still their anal virginities. You see Black Mustang and Billy are gay and they love fucking tight asses!

This poor farmhand had no choice to do what he was told. They pointed guns at him and dropped their pants. They both were rock hard and wanted to get head. Soon the boy was on his knees between them, giving his first blowjobs. It wasn’t long before one of the cowboys was fucking the boy’s tight, virgin ass. It hurt like hell, the cowboy had a huge cock, but it felt so good at the same time! The farmhand had never experienced pleasure like this before!

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