Teen Seducing Her Friend

January 30th, 2009

Bet On Lesbian Sex

Now, this has to be one of the hottest stories that I’ve heard yet. The raven haired hottie in the photo above is having a contest with one of her friends to see who can seduce the most women. I’ve heard of men having contests like this, but never women. I have to admit, it sounds pretty hot. Check out these steamy lesbian pictures of this horny chick seducing another one of her friends so that they she can add to her tally.

She was feeling pretty horny so she decided to call up one of her friends. She knew that she would be easy to get into bed, she just didn’t know how easy. The girls had been friends for a long time, but it seems that both of them definitely had some lesbian fantasies. That night, they were living out those fantasies. It started out slowly with just kissing, but soon they were caressing each other and clothes were starting to come off.

It wasn’t long before they were taking turns going down on each other with their mouths. see it all at the Bet On Lesbian Sex website.

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