Cute Joy Touching Herself

February 11th, 2009

Teen Fingering Her Wet Slit

Check out these sexy photos from my favorite teen Cute Joy. I think after you see these photos, you’ll understand why I like her so much. She looks so cute and innocent, but don’t judge this book by the cover. She’s shy and nervous at first, but it’s not long before her naughty side is released. She admits that she does get turned on when she’s posing for the camera. Today, she’s so horny, that she can’t resist fingering herself and the camera caught it all on film.

At first, she was just rubbing herself through her shorts. It wasn’t something that she was even doing on purpose, just was a natural reaction when she stared to get turned on. Soon her shorts come off, revealing her tender pussy to the camera. It starts to get really hot. She starts to rub her wet slit, she can’t stop now. She has to get herself off.

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