Male Slave Tortured By His Domme

February 15th, 2009

Domme Punishes Her Male Slave

You probably don’t want to piss off any Domme, but this is one you definitively want to stay on her good side. Don’t believe me? Check out these photos of this Domme administering the punishment to her male slave. What did he do wrong? He was late tonight. He was only three minutes late, even had a good excuse, but that was enough to anger this Domme and now she was going to make him pay!

With leather strips and chains and attaches him to a lift. He can’t move, even his cock is bound. It’s not long before he’s upside down and unable to move. But that’s just the beginning of his punishment. She starts to spank him until his ass turns red. Then, she grabs a large black dildo and shaves it in his ass. It has to hurt, but his mouth is gagged so he can’t even complain. Then it gets really kinky. She lowers his head into water and dunks him over and over. It’s practically torture.

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