Gay Teacher Joins In

February 17th, 2009

Gay Teacher Joins In

Check out these photos from today’s gay lesson. Today, two horny twinks came to the teacher looking advice and guidance. Of course, the teacher was more than willing to teach them. He wanted to show them all of the tips and tricks that he’s learned. The first lesson, involved cock sucking. Both of the boys had a basic understanding of the art of cock sucking so the boys quickly passed then test on that and they moved on to some more advanced topics. They soon discovered the pleasure of giving an ass licking and receiving one.

Of course, the only thing left was ass fucking. The teacher had one of the students bend over and provided a demonstration on how it should be done. He penetrated the boy’s tight ass and fucked him hard. Then he had the other boy fuck the twink. Meanwhile, the teacher kept the twink busy by stuffing his mouth with his hard cock. When it was all over, both of the boys had passed the exams with flying colors!

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