Three Twinks Have Too Much To Drink

March 2nd, 2009

Three Cute Twinks

It looks like these cute boys had a fun weekend. Saturday night, they got a few beers were going to watch a movie. Well, they ended up getting pretty drunk and that’s when things got a little out of control. Check out these photos and see exactly what happened that night. One lead to another and soon the boys were kissing and making out with each other. They started to rub each other between the legs, feeling each other grow hard. Soon, clothes were coming off and the real action started.

None of them had ever done anything like this before but the alcohol had caused them to lose all of their inhibitions. It wasn’t long before the twink in the middle was getting a blowjob from one of the guys, while he was sucking his other friend’s hard cock. It didn’t stop their. One of the boys bent over and the other boys took turns fucking his tight ass. The first boy gave him a messy creampie in his ass. The second boy, shot his load all over his friend’s cute ass.

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