Drunk Girl Used By Two Guys

March 3rd, 2009

Drunk Girl Used By Two Guys

Check out these video clips of this very drunk teen. She was out of control. It all started the other night when she went over to a friends house. She started drinking when she got there at six in the evening. At midnight, she was still drinking and was very drunk. That’s when it started to get very interesting. She was starting to lose her inhibitions. She told the two guys there that she wanted to get fucked and she wanted to get fucked now. The alcohol had made her very horny.

It wasn’t long before they were helping this drunk teen take off her clothes. A few minutes later, she was on her stomach, getting fucked from behind. She was on the verge of passing out, but that didn’t stop the guys from taking turns fucking her tight pussy. At one point, she was even getting fucked by one guy, while the other slid his hard cock into her mouth. She had no idea what she was doing. They even fucked her tight ass, but she didn’t feel a thing. However, she was definitely going to feel the hangover in the morning when she wakes up completely naked on the couch, wondering what happened.

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