Lesbian Hottie Seduces Her Friend

March 14th, 2009

Bet On Lesbian Sex

This looks like a very hot and steamy night! Check out these steamy photos of two very hot and horny chicks. For Kathy, the one in the red thong, this wasn’t her first lesbian encounter. Her and her best friend are having a wild lesbian contest. Whoever is able to seduce the most women wins a new car. It’s pretty crazy, but as you can see it makes for some very hot photos and videos. Her friend on the other hand, has never been with another woman. It should be very interesting.

The friend is very shy and hesitant..at first. However, it’s not long before she starts to warm up. As they make out, she starts to lose all of her inhibitions. Hands explore all parts of each others bodies. Mouths soon follow. Kathy pays special attention to her friends nipples, then works her way down between the other girl’s legs. She tastes the delicious pussy, then buries her face into it!

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