Hot Stud’s First Anal Experience

March 20th, 2009

Boys Wedding

Check out these pics from the crazy private party I had after a friend’s wedding last night. The wedding was the usual drinking and dancing mess. Afterwards my boy and I stumbled upstairs thinking we’d drink somemore and call up some honeys to get us off. I think we may have had too much to drink because even though we were both horny, neither one of us felt like bothering with the girls.

Instead it seemed like a much better idea to just take care of each other. I suddenly found myself balls-deep in my buddy’s surprisingly talented mouth. To my shock, he had me cumming within minutes. I felt kinda bad for jizzing in his mouth especially since he was still rock hard so I let him bend me over a chair and let him try to fuck me in the ass. I couldn’t believe how good it felt and soon I was sitting on top of his cock, experimenting with all sort of new positions and begging for him to fuck me harder.

Check out more photos at the Boys Wedding website.

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