Adventure In The Back Of The Van

March 22nd, 2009

White Males Be Warned

Check out our latest adventures on the Crazy Gay Bus. I almost feel bad about what we did to this poor young guy looking for a ride today. But hey, everyone knows hitchhiking can get you into all sorts of trouble You never know what will happen if you accept a ride from a stranger! But he was pretty desperate for a ride and said he would do anything. So you know us, we had to take full advantage of that kind of situation.

We decided to break him in easy at first and put him in the back of the van with only Black Rob. It took a few minutes to convince the dude to get on his knees and suck Rob’s monster cock but he knew he owed us big time. Once he got into the blowjob we pulled the van over so I could hop in back and get a cock sucking of my own. Our hitchhiking friend wasn’t thrilled at the thought of sucking two dicks but we just explained: no suck, no ride. He became our little gay slut slobbering on both dicks at the same time. He even swallowed both loads of our cum, licked his lips and asked if there was anything else he could do to thank us.

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