Dom Ass Fucks Her Male Slave

March 29th, 2009

Femdom Reality

Check out these photos from tonight’s kinky FemDom Reality adventure. This submissive male slave has been misbehaving some the mistress brought him down into the basement. She chains him up and bounds his hands together. He begs for forgiveness but it’s too late now. She takes out her whip and cracks his back with a few times. It hurts like hell, but his torture is just beginning.

The mistress takes out a huge rubber dildo. Just looking at it makes him scared because he knows what’s coming next. Not so gently, she holds open his ass cheeks and slides it into his virgin asshole. It hurts like hell, but he knows he’s not allowed to complain or it’ll just make it worse. And she rewards him for being a good slave now. She makes him cum by giving him a blowjob that he’ll never forget.

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