Gay Teacher Teaches Anal Sex

March 30th, 2009

Teaching Twinks

Check out these photos from the latest gay lesson. Today’s lesson started with a pop quiz. The teacher had the twinks show off their cock sucking skills. Both of them passed the test, so it was time to move on to the next subject. Soon, the teacher was instructing them on how to lick an ass. Both of them are quick learners and really know how to use their tongues. So far, both of these students were doing well, both them looked like they were going to be getting A’s, however the hardest part was coming next.

The highlight of today’s class was a lesson on ass fucking. He had one of the twinks bend over and instructed the other how to fuck his tight ass. For both of them it was their first time having anal sex. They couldn’t believe how good it felt! The teacher thought that they were doing such a good job that he couldn’t resist joining in. While the twink got his ass fucked, the teacher slid his cock into his awaiting mouth.

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