Latino Stud Gets His Mouth And More Fucked

April 28th, 2009

Latino Gets His Mouth And More Fucked

This gay Latino twink was looking for some fun tonight, however he had no idea that he would be the center of it all. Check out these photos of this twink getting used and abused by these three horny black studs. The twink was hoping to have sex with just one of them, but it turns out that all three of them wanted some of his services. They wanted blowjobs and they wanted to fuck his tight, twink ass.

It wasn’t long before the twink was sucking on a long, hard black cock while the other two guys watched. Of course, they didn’t just watch for long. Soon, they were taking off the twink’s jeans. They lined up to fuck his tight ass. They all took turns fucking him and of course they kept his mouth full the whole time too. The twink was overwhelmed and tried to do his best to keep up with it all. By the time they were done, his ass was sore and his mouth was tired.

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