Drunk Straight Boy Seduced By A Black Stud

April 29th, 2009

First Homosexual Experience

Last night, the Black Seducer invited one of his straight classmates over to study, however, it wasn’t long before they forgot about the books and started drinking. This petite teen couldn’t keep up with the Black Seducer and it wasn’t long before he was getting wasted. That’s when this black stud made his move. He helped the classmate back to the bedroom. However, instead of letting him pass out, he started to take off his clothes.

Check out these photos and see what happened next. This classmate had never done anything with a man before, but he was horny and very drunk. Soon, the Black Seducer was sliding his black cock deep inside of this teen. He fucked his mouth, then he fucked his virgin ass. When it was all over, the teen was covered with cum and begging to do it again!

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  1. Mike Says:

    I always wanted to banged a big black man i think it be real great if a black man bang me

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